I think I love transforming hoops and these are my favourite materials. Of course, this materials is easy to find, flexible, and looks pretty. Open-ended thin hoops I made a bulk purchase from Kemeraltı costs me 1 TL per hoop. So, it is important to note that this project costs 3 TL. If you are looking for a minimalist flower hanger, you can do it yourself.

But I was really frustrated to see “the cheapest hoop is 15TL” comment on one of my Instagram costs. I am not happy about someone who would think that I would lie and tell that openly to follow me. My purpose to share my DIY projects was to inspire people. I really don’t care how much you pay for materials. But if you like DIY, you should also be interested in materials and looking for best prices. Then, you can discover economic and wide range of materials and have the chance to meet new people. I bought my hoops from the shop of Özgür in Kemeraltı. I have mentioned this nameless shop behind old fish hall countless of times. Since I make bulk purchases, you may not be able to find these cheap prices. But these hoops would at most cost you 2-3TL.

Well, let me talk about what was my inspiration to make this hoop flower hanger. I saw this flower hanger on Instagram page of Urban Outfitters. It costed 80 dollars. And when I saw this flower hanger, I thought of an alternative with hoop. As a result, I decided to try this project and the results were this amazing flower hanger.


  • 3 hoops
  • Flax thread

Wrap the first open-ended hoop around the flower pot, take measurements, and cut. Pliers will work fine for this. I used a new punching tool to connect them but you can also tie with flax thread.

Other 2 hoops will be larger than the first one. After fixing ends of the hoops, it is time to connect them all.  I connected other two hoops to both sides of the hoop at the bottom with flax thread. I made this by passing the thread one from upside and one from downside. It may sound complicated but you will see it is super easy when you watch the video.

You need to continue with flax thread until the flower pot is secure. I decided to make extra lines since I liked the look.

After completing the hanger, place the pot, and add 2 layers of thread with the flax thread. Now, the hanger is done. If you love flowers, this flower hanger will save your life. I am sure you will have amazing look if you cut different sizes of these hangers and create an asymmetrical look 😉

Have you seen how to make Frida flower pot I showed in the same video? Please share all the projects you tried with me on Instagram!


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