For a long time, these terrariums that has been an indispensable part of decoration are under my radar. Although there are different forms, I like geometric ones. Actually, when we talk about how to make geometric terrarium, we generally read about how to form it. Today, I will try to explain how you can make an affordable terrarium at home.

First, I was worried about trying this project after my researches. Because I didn’t believe that I could reflect the elegant look of terrarium with plastic materials. But when the results were than I expected, I wanted to share it with you. When you want to build terrarium with different forms and size, you will complete your project in an affordable way.

Now, let’s see which materials we have used:

  • Acetate
  • Hot silicon
  • Straw
  • Scissors, ruler, marker

You can buy acetate from stationary stores.

I will cut a triangle with 20 cm edges and 17 cm height from acetate. I will use total of 4 triangles. I will cut one of the corners of these triangles and make it the opening of terrarium.

Hardest step is pasting with silicon. But here, quality of your material will play an important role. You can quickly complete this step with a good sticking silicon. One of the triangles will be the bottom and other parts will be edges. I will paste these pieces to the bottom and to each other. After applying silicon, you need to hold the pieces until they adhere. Apply silicon inside and outside each edge for higher resistance. Don’t worry about how it looks because we will cover these edges.

Now, it is time to cover the edges. Cut large straws into two and paint with copper colour spray. Since I liked it, I still use RayMax copper colour spray. After painting both sides of the straws with spray paint, I will let them dry for a while. When the straws are completely dry, paste these straws and cut the excess part. This will hide the silicon and imitate metallic edge look of terrarium.

I have already added how to make terrarium in the channel but I recently have time to share it here. You can share your project recommendations with me. I will try them as well:)


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