I found myself making an organizer after organising my home for a while. Well, as I have messy character, I am constantly looking for new ways to be organised. Although I couldn’t tamed my messy part, I have tons of organizer idea to make a new start. Today, I will share four DIY organizers that you can use in different fields.

Origami Desk Organizer

  • 5x15cm square paper

I am secretly in love to projects that are only made from paper. Because papers are both affordable and easy to find materials. So, paper organizer to keep your desk tidy is a practical idea. My version is good for organising paper-clips but you can make it larger and turn it into functional form.

By the way, if you don’t want that much of a colour, you can have charismatic results with black and white options. You can increase the number of pieces and make as much as organizers you like.

String-art Organizer

  • Piece of wood
  • Nails
  • Colourful strings

I have done string art project before. But I have thought of using it as organizer just now.

Randomly place nails on a piece of wood.

Be careful that nails are well-placed because they should be strong.

Randomly select strings and make your own organizer.

When you add notes and photographs to this organizer, you will have super modern look. You directly apply this idea on your wall if you don’t have any problem with making a hole on the wall:)

Jeans Wall Organizer

  • An old pair of jeans
  • Hoop

This is a simple organizer that can be done everyone. To try this amazing jeans organizer, you will place the jeans inside the hoop and cut the excess jeans textile.  Now, this pocket is your new organizer. This amazing organizer is ready to put pens and other things. To develop this idea, you need to make multiple hoops and hang them. Also, you can decorate jeans pocket as you like with pins.

Felt Accessories Organizer

  • Thick felt
  • Needle-thread

Those who know me know that minimalist ideas are always my favourite. So, these triangle shaped accessories organizers are the best ones of this series. Again, I love making amazing different projects from felt which is a cheap material.

Draw 20 cm triangles on the felt.

Cut the sharp edges and create blunt form.

Join the edges and saw them with contrast coloured threads.

This is a super practical idea to organize your rings and accessories. If you want to use these organizers for different purpose, share them with me.

For more DIY projects, I am waiting you on my YouTube channel, and Instagram for closer contact;)


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