Donut pillow may sound a bit weird. I think I won’t be the first person who tries to decorate the house with donut rather than eating them. Because, donut has unique shape.

While I was looking for something fun and colourful for my YouTube channel, I found these donut pillows and I immediately went to buy felt. You can make this pillow by stitching but I preferred without stitches. I was super lazy to stitch. Also, felt is super strong with hot silicon, this can be a better option than stitching.

You add joy to your home, to give an amazing gift, or to add an amazing decoration detail in your child’s room, check your material list below to make your pillow:

  • Light and dark oink felt
  • Felt pieced with different colours.
  • Hot silicon
  • Fibre
  • Scissors

To make donut pillow, I fold light pink felt into two and cut a round piece. You can choose you own size so I won’t give any dimensions here. I fold those circles into two and draw another small circle right in the middle.

After cutting this circle out, I am pasting outer edges of the pillow by leaving gap. After the silicon is dry, I turn the felt inside out and paste the middle part as well.

I place the dark felt under the pillow and draw a template from inside and outside edges. While cutting the template, I make a wavy form. This way, I can obtain fluid creamy look.

I fill the pillow with fibre. When it is filled enough, I paste it with silicon. I paste the dark pink piece on the pillow with silicon.

At the last stage, I cut stripes from felt with different colours to make donut sugars and I randomly paste these stripes on the pillow with silicon.

You can watch this long described project from my YouTube channel for fast application;)


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