Sometime some ideas make me so excited, I wanted to try them immediately and see the results. And this ice-cream stick shelf made me so excited. In addition to being a super easy DIY project, shelfs are highly trendy in decoration.

Hexagonal shelf can add more motion that you have thought to your living space. The thing I loved about this shelf is you make multiple shelves, hang them asymmetrically, and achieve amazing comb look. These small shelves are lifesaving in wall decoration. You can add succulents in little flower pots. Or you can exhibit your collection products. Or you can add small knickknacks. By the way, these shelves can be lifesaving in desk decoration. These shelves have minimalist style. When you wax it after completing, amazing wooden look is also a favourite thing about this project.

Anyway, we can think of many ideas but let’s start making our own shelf.

First, I used wooden spatula for this project rather than ice-cream sticks. You may ask me why I said ice-cream sticks. This project is actually made with ice-cream sticks but when I went to buy these sticks, I found this material. There are people who use ice-cream sticks as well. But since these wooden spatula are bigger, I preferred them. You can also collect ice-cream sticks during summer and use them.



  • Wooden ice cream stick or spatula
  • Glue
  • Varnish

First, place sticks in hexagonal form on plain surface. Then, keep 3 sticks on the surface by taking 1 stick between 2 sticks. Apply glue on corners and paste the sticks you removed. Repeat the same step until you have the depth you like. I completed the shelf with 16 rows. After glue dried, apply varnish or paint it.


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