Today, I will share another decoration trend. Lately, we can see different forms of decorative LED lamps. Cactus, palm tree, stars…Actually, I have tried these lights which we can see almost in all houses. Few years ago, typography letter box versions of these lights were popular and we made those as well. Now, we will make cactus shaped LED lamp. Best part of this project is the main material is cardboard. With an easy to find cardboard, you can make your own lamp in different sizes.


  • Cardboard
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Ping pong ball
  • LED light

Since cactus has a bit odd shape, I don’t need to use a template. But you can use one of the templates online for perfectly shaped cactus. First, I drew a cactus on a grooved cardboard and cut it out with craft knife.

Then, I made the edges with thing and easy to shape cardboard. Since this grooved cardboard is extremely hard, you can use basic cardboards sold in stationary stores. You can view this stage on my video in detail.

I marked where LEDs will be on ping pong ball. After this step, I painted my cactus with green acrylic paint and left it to dry. After paint dried, I added LEDs. By the way, since my LEDs were from New Year, they were long. 1 m long LED will be more than enough for this project. I pasted the back part with packing tape. Make crosswise cuts on ping pong balls. After placing lights inside ping pong balls, you will have amazing lamp. Enjoy your lamp;)


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