There is this popular decoration trend out there. If you are into decoration, you probably have seen it. I am talking about giant knit:) When these were the popular items of decorative frames on Pinterest and Instagram, I tried to find it. But I couldn’t find it back then. All of a sudden, I have found an Instagram account that sells these giant knitting yarns and products.

These knitting yarns were ideal for me since I have always wanted to try arm knitting. Don’t even think that I have patience by looking at my projects on this blog. I am not a knitting person:( I love experiencing for the first time. In fact, my wonder about what the results will be for my first trial is my greatest motivation. There are few DIY projects I have repeated after my wonder passes.

In short, I, who couldn’t knit ordered my first yarn for arm knit to try this project. First, softness and warmness of this yarn makes me happy. You need to buy 1 kg yarn for small knee blanket and spend half an hour. These fluffy yarns turn into blankets. After knotting on your arm, you knit with your hands. It is super short to adapt to these knitting style if you are a pro knitter. But if you don’t have experience like me, don’t worry. It is super fun after learning how to do:)

Bknz: nasıl çılgınca eğleniyorum 😀

I started with 12 knots. I completed this knit with super fun like I am holding a fluffy toy for the entire time. Let’s be honest. I wanted to use these giant knits on Instagram and I completed them with a first start.

You should try this project to make a warm start to winter.

I explained all details of this giant arm knit on my video. You can check my Instagram profile for couple of photos.


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