Hurray New Year’s spirit, hurray DIY gifts! I think New Year is the best time of the year for DIY gifts. I believe you can make your loved ones happy with small gifts. This year, I prepared 3 different DIY gifts for New Year. These DIY gifts are super easy to make. And everyone will love these gifts. You can watch how to make these sweet gifts on my YouTube channel.

Dwarf Santa

I frequently see these amazing Nordic style Santa on Pinterest. But this year, I decided to make my own. And they were amazing:)



  • 1 bowl of rice
  • Square fabric
  • Grey or red thin felt
  • Plush
  • Hot silicon

I put one bowl of rice inside the square fabric and tied the corners of the fabric. As a fabric, I choose chequered fabric to reflect New Year’s spirit.

I cut a triangle from white plush and paste it with hot silicon. Since this piece will be the beard of Santa, you can choose the size as you like it.

Now, it is time to make the hat of Santa. Cut a triangle piece from thin felt. You can choose the size depending on the length of the cone. Join both edges to form a cone. Cut excess felt on the edges with a scissor.

Paste this piece on top part with hot silicon.

Eyes of this Santa is hidden but we need to show his nose tip. I use this round wooden bead as his nose. I think they look super cute;)

“Joy” Coasters

This is another easy alternative for New Year. To show the New Year spirit, I wanted to write Joy on them. This way, I created a 3 piece set.



  • Cork coasters
  • Chequered fabric
  • Decoupage glue
  • White acrylic paint

I cut the fabric in round shape for coasters and pasted with decoupage glue.

After drying, I wrote one letter of “Joy” in each one and prepared a set. You can change your message for New Year theme and prepare your coasters.

Coffee Holder

We commonly use cup holders during winter. So, I decided to turn these holders into more fun pieces. I have seen this idea on Pinterest and I decided to make fox cupholders;)



  • Orange thick felt
  • Black and white thin felt
  • Hot silicon

I will use cardboard holder from Starbucks as a template for my coffee holder. Open the cupholder from any coffee shop, put this one of the felt and make a template.

Don’t forget to draw ears of the fox before you cut from where you marked;)

When you paste eye, ear, and mouth to the piece you cut, your project will be ready.

Lastly, paste both sides with hot silicon. If you want to sew it, you don’t need to use silicon.


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