I love getting ready to New Year with new DIY ideas. This year, I started with New Year decorations. I made 4 different New Year decoration from recycle ideas. You can use them as tree decoration or house decoration. Also, you can view all DIY New Year ideas of last year from this link. Now here we go:

Santa from Pine Cone

I have prepared newer and easier version of dwarf Santa of last year . I can’t imagine a New Year without pine cones. So, making hoods from felt and placing them on pine cones will be more than enough. When you add wooden beads as nose, you will be all done. I recommend applying hot silicon to fix those cones.

If you want to use this as tree decoration, you can add string on top of the hood.

Deer from Cork

Although I have seen on Pinterest for couple of times, I have tried this idea late and this is my favourite. If you store corks, you probably have plenty of materials. We will make amazing deer from 2 cork and dried branches.

One of the corks will be body and the other one will be head. We will open holes on the body cork to make feet and neck. We will open holes on the head cork to make horns and neck. Cut branches that look like horns. I used these fork like pieces for feet.

When you paste all pieces together with silicon, you can also make a red pompon as nose. I loved this idea.

Pine Trees from Excess Yarn

Previous, I have made a dreamcatcher from excess yarn. Also, I made wall decoration. Now, I want to make New Year decoration. Cut triangles from a cardboard. Wrap those yarns on the cardboard. You can use multiple colours. For example, if you love Scandinavian style, I recommend grey, black, and white yarns. You can combine all three colours as well. Dark green is the colour of New Year. It looks amazing with white and red.

Lastly, I added those stars where you can find easily. You can also cut stars from felts and paper to decorate your little trees.

Cloth pin Decoration

Recently, I shared DIY idea with wooden cloth pin. This time, I tried New Year decoration with cloth pin. Well, this idea is pretty simple. you can paste New Year decoration form felt on these pins. For example, to make a pine tree, I took 3 different tones of green, cut them in tree shape, and pasted on pin 😉 You can hang these cloth pin decoration on your New Year tree, lights, or even decorate your gift wraps. You can whatever you like;)

We will make more New Year preparations on our channel and here. I wish you happy New Year.


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