There are some projects that I adopt as if I didn’t do them. This cradle baby mobile inspired from Up films is one of them. I hope that most of you know this amazing animation film. If you never heard of it, you should watch the film as soon as you can. Actually, the most memorable thing about this film was the cottage on the film posters. What could be more fairy-tale like than a house flying with colourful balloons?

When I was asked to make a cradle decoration or also known as baby mobile, I was sure that I must do it. This time, the making process was quite challenging. But the results were more beautiful than I hoped for. I mean I should confess that it was hard to give it as a gift.

Well, I think this is suitable for child’s room as well as baby’s room. And if you love this film, you should make one as a gift to yourself.


  • Pastel coloured thin and thick felt
  • Fur or felt pompoms
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Hoop
  • Fibre
  • Needle-thread
  • Glue

First, since it is hard to make an exact copy of the cottage in Up, I decided to make a simple cottage. First, we will do a simple cottage with 4 different sides.

We will draw a rectangular cottage with 6cmx12cm, 6 cm width, and 10 cm long. We will cut two thick felts with 4 different colours based on these templates. We will sew doors and windows on these pieces with thin felt. Then, we will sew all these pieces to make a cottage.

We will make hole in the Styrofoam ball with a wooden grilling sticks. Without blocking these holes, we will cover around the holes with colourful pompoms. We will use a glue that dries slowly.

When we have the look we want, we are adding threads in between pompoms. These threads should look like threads holding the balloons. You can adjust the placement.  Lastly, we will add a thread to the hole. And we will stabilise all those threads to the upper part of the cottage.

Cut and paste to roof of the cottage with orange felt.

Draw and cut 2 clouds from thin felt. Fill these pieces with fibre. I made 4 clouds 🙂

I love the simple look of the wooden hoop but this time I decided to cover it with pastel blue thread.

Lastly, we need to fix all pieces to the hoop. (Cotton like) clouds will be fixed around the cottage and the cottage will be in the middle.

I explained this project in detail with a video. I highly recommend checking that video. By the way, although this project has multiple steps, I really liked the results. If you try this project, make sure you share it with me. Post what you do on Instagram.


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