Recently, I made a video about my flowers or in other words my children 🙂 In that video, I shared how to make 2 different flower pots. One of them was the flower pot inspired from Frida Kahlo. When we talk about strong characters like Frida, there is not much thing to say. But since I loved this idea so much and it is super easy to make, I want to share this project with you.

You can make you own Frida flower pot and use it at home. Or you can give a cactus or succulent to your loved ones inside this flower pot. Because when you plant a cactus in this flower pot, it will look like hair bun of Frida. I couldn’t image a better way of gift wrap 😉


  • Clay or plastic flower pot with skin colour
  • Artificial flowers
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Black marker pen
  • Hot silicon
  • Masking tape

I start by taping the flower pot with masking tape. From top to two fingers below, I tape. Since this part will be hairline, I am painting with black acrylic paint and let it dry for a while.

Of course, our aim is not perfect sketches or creating an amazing character. Actually, I don’t have skills to draw. As in previous Harry Potter piggybank, we will try to show the characteristic properties.

What comes to your mind when we talk about Frida? Her eyebrows, flower headbands, and hair buns. So, please make sure to draw the thick eyebrows when you are drawing the face on the flower pot 😉

First, I draw the face with a pencil, and paint it with market pen.

Now, it is time for flower headband of Frida. When you cut artificial flowers from the bottom and stick with hot silicon, your flower pot will be ready. I recommend using hot silicon on acrylic paint because glues melt acrylic paint.

After finishing this project, I planted a ball cactus. So, I had the perfect look of hair bun. But I wish I made her lips red. Maybe you can make her lips red and share it with me. See you in our next project 😉


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