Is it hard to find Washi Tape or it was hard for me but I found these decorative paper tapes with the best prices on Tchibo’s website. These paper bands are real life savers as they help you to produce DIY ideas in a fast way. My favourite property of these papers is that you can ripe them of when you don’t like them or when you get bored.

Actually, I wanted to create DIY washi tape videos. But since my YouTube channel followers cheered for back to school, I decided to make videos about back to school projects. If you find these decorative paper tapes, I am sure you will enjoy playing with these papers.  All my projects are on YouTube channel. But I will summarise what I did with these amazing papers.

Pen Holder with Washi Tape


Take a jar with the size of a pen holder and start covering this jar with tapes For the final look, I wrapped a rope to the top part of the jar. Of course you can use this as a vase.

Notebook Decoration with Washi Tape


For this project, I used a notebook with plan cover. I used white cover. But you can go for craft covers and have amazing results. I taped these paper tapes in parallel triangle shapes, starting from the middle part. Here, in the middle part, I made my own tag section and wrote the name of the class. And our special notebook is ready 😉

Erasable Note Holder with Washi Tape


I removed protective band of standing frame from Ikea and wrapped with single-coloured washi tape. I recommend using paper tapes with light colours and simple design. I used a tape with yellow dots. After covering all of the protective band, place it back inside the frame. You can take notes on the erasable glass of the frame with markers and you can erase what you write anytime you want. Everyone should make this project 😉

Phone Stand with Washi Tape


Unique idea for those who want their phone by their side. Cut an old toilet roll paper for your phone. We will fit your phone here. Wrap these paper bands around the roll. Cut the band where you phone will sit. Lastly, we are making stand from map pins and completing our phone stand.

Pen Decoration with Washi Tape


Actually this idea is simple. You can pick a pen with plain colours and decorate it with paper bands. If you select pens with transparent outer shells, you can decorate them from inside. Just give it a try 😉

We will continue our DIY projects while preparing for school. Follow us from our channel and form here 😉


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