Today, let’s try new generation decoration trend. I caught up with these craft bags which a lot of people asked for. Actually, I had a hard time to find a suitable name for these. I think it is better to say we are creating storage spaces to keep our things at home.


  • Craft paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Hot silicon
  • Marker pen

Size of craft paper can change depending on your bag size. With these giant craft bags, I can store toys and even some of unused blankets. So, I will use these papers in layers. Also, there are different thickness and tones of craft paper. You should choose thick ones if you want durable bags.

First, paint your craft bag to your desired colour. While white is popular colour, I also love those without any colours.

I painted one side of my craft paper to white. For this, I needed two layers of acrylic paint. After completely drying, this paper I use has more texture and in fact, I really liked it. After this, you need to make a large paper bag. Well, it is a bit hard to explain so it is better to check the video.

Okay, since out paper bag is ready, let’s decorate it. Decorate your paper bad with market pens as you like it. Write messages or draw symbols. Recently, these bags are popular in child’s room. So, you can write the name your child as well.

Recyclable, nature-friendly projects are always making me feel better. By the way, DIY craft papers are super cheap and super easy for anyone. Just try these without losing time. You can use these amazing bags anywhere. I turned one of these bags to a flower pot. You can hide those cheap but ugly looking plastic flower pots.

If you try this DIY project, comment me on Instagram😉


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