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You will find DIY projects on the page – renewal projects, handmade examples and step-by-step DIY projects.

DIY Giant Craft Bags

Today, let’s try new generation decoration trend. I caught up with these craft bags which a lot of people asked for. Actually, I had a hard time to find a suitable name for these. I think it is better to say we are creating storage spaces to keep our things at home. Ingredients: Craft paper Acrylic paint Hot silicon Marker...

Arm Knit with Giant Knitting Yarn

There is this popular decoration trend out there. If you are into decoration, you probably have seen it. I am talking about giant knit:) When these were the popular items of decorative frames on Pinterest and Instagram, I tried to find it. But I couldn’t find it back then. All of a sudden, I have found an Instagram account...

DIY Frida Kahlo Flower Pot

Recently, I made a video about my flowers or in other words my children :) In that video, I shared how to make 2 different flower pots. One of them was the flower pot inspired from Frida Kahlo. When we talk about strong characters like Frida, there is not much thing to say. But since I loved this idea...

How to Make Hexagonal Shelf from Ice-Cream Sticks

Sometime some ideas make me so excited, I wanted to try them immediately and see the results. And this ice-cream stick shelf made me so excited. In addition to being a super easy DIY project, shelfs are highly trendy in decoration. Hexagonal shelf can add more motion that you have thought to your living space. The thing I loved about...

DIY Organizers: 4 Organizer to Add Style and Order to Your Home

I found myself making an organizer after organising my home for a while. Well, as I have messy character, I am constantly looking for new ways to be organised. Although I couldn’t tamed my messy part, I have tons of organizer idea to make a new start. Today, I will share four DIY organizers that you can use in...

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