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You will find DIY projects on the page – renewal projects, handmade examples and step-by-step DIY projects.

How to Make Cradle Decoration with Up Film Theme?

There are some projects that I adopt as if I didn’t do them. This cradle baby mobile inspired from Up films is one of them. I hope that most of you know this amazing animation film. If you never heard of it, you should watch the film as soon as you can. Actually, the most memorable thing about this...

DIY Donut Pillow from Felt

Donut pillow may sound a bit weird. I think I won’t be the first person who tries to decorate the house with donut rather than eating them. Because, donut has unique shape. While I was looking for something fun and colourful for my YouTube channel, I found these donut pillows and I immediately went to buy felt. You can make...

How to Make Minimalist Flower Hanger with Hoop?

I think I love transforming hoops and these are my favourite materials. Of course, this materials is easy to find, flexible, and looks pretty. Open-ended thin hoops I made a bulk purchase from Kemeraltı costs me 1 TL per hoop. So, it is important to note that this project costs 3 TL. If you are looking for a minimalist...

How to Make Hexagonal Shelf from Ice-Cream Sticks

Sometime some ideas make me so excited, I wanted to try them immediately and see the results. And this ice-cream stick shelf made me so excited. In addition to being a super easy DIY project, shelfs are highly trendy in decoration. Hexagonal shelf can add more motion that you have thought to your living space. The thing I loved about...

How to Make Harry Potter Piggy Bank?

This time, I would like to talk about much demanded Harry Potter piggy bank DIY project. First, I should make a confession: “I am not a Potterhead.” I think you are shocked. Because when you watch videos on YouTube, you see that everyone is a fan (or are they?). Well, I decided to make piggy banks that resemble the two...

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