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You will find DIY projects on the page – renewal projects, handmade examples and step-by-step DIY projects.

DIY Organizers: 4 Organizer to Add Style and Order to Your Home

I found myself making an organizer after organising my home for a while. Well, as I have messy character, I am constantly looking for new ways to be organised. Although I couldn’t tamed my messy part, I have tons of organizer idea to make a new start. Today, I will share four DIY organizers that you can use in...

DIY Geometric Terrarium

For a long time, these terrariums that has been an indispensable part of decoration are under my radar. Although there are different forms, I like geometric ones. Actually, when we talk about how to make geometric terrarium, we generally read about how to form it. Today, I will try to explain how you can make an affordable terrarium at...

DIY Back to School Projects with Washi Tape

Is it hard to find Washi Tape or it was hard for me but I found these decorative paper tapes with the best prices on Tchibo’s website. These paper bands are real life savers as they help you to produce DIY ideas in a fast way. My favourite property of these papers is that you can ripe them of...

DIY New Year Gifts | Santa, Coaster, Coffee Holder

Hurray New Year’s spirit, hurray DIY gifts! I think New Year is the best time of the year for DIY gifts. I believe you can make your loved ones happy with small gifts. This year, I prepared 3 different DIY gifts for New Year. These DIY gifts are super easy to make. And everyone will love these gifts. You...

DIY Frida Kahlo Flower Pot

Recently, I made a video about my flowers or in other words my children :) In that video, I shared how to make 2 different flower pots. One of them was the flower pot inspired from Frida Kahlo. When we talk about strong characters like Frida, there is not much thing to say. But since I loved this idea...

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